SharePoint Development


Global Systems Services is Microsoft Gold partner and provides Microsoft SharePoint development services which help Business managers track knowledge base of the workers and ensure that employees are working on the right projects and are collaborating, efficiently. Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS) empowers employees, old or new, to easily access and share information about the organization.


Global Systems Services provides expert Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS) development and consultation services in areas like:


  • Enterprise Content
  • Project Management
  • Portals and Collaboration
  • Business Process
  • InfoPath and Workflow
  • Business Intelligence


Microsoft SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 Supports:


  • WSS 3.0 (Windows SharePoint Services 3.0)
  • Windows Workflow Foundation
  • MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005
  • Internet Information Server
  • Active Directory
  • File stores and Indexing
  • .NET 2.0 / 3.0
  • Master pages templates development
  • Process and work flow management System


SharePoint Development- Global Systems Services Advantage


The prime objective of the Share point is to synchronize group or collaborative efforts to increase business efficiency. SharePoint developers at Global Systems Services provide customized SharePoint (MOSS) 2007 development services so that business organizations can benefits in following ways.


  • SharePoint can be easily integrated with email, desktop applications and web browsers for consistent performance and user experience. This facilitates smoother exchange and storage of information for various business entities.
  • The employees can easily track and review documents and issue approvals. They can share information but at same time protect the sensitive information because SharePoint has inbuilt security settings, auditing and storage policies.
  • MOSS developer at Global Systems Services adapts SharePoint to store business intelligence in web parts, performance indicators and dashboards. The software enables organization to quickly accumulate information from the employees, clients and potential clients so that it can make better business decision based on the gathered information.
  • SharePoint (MOSS) development enables the organization to centralize the document storage, which in turn makes storage very convenient and scalable for future changes. It also accelerates the exchange of information and at same time allows the business teams situated in different corners of the world to communicate and collaborate, with ease.


Outsourcing today has acquired quite significance in the modern business world. SharePoint development allows the offshore developers to maintain seamless connectivity with their outsourcing partners. Business organizations can share information with multiple users spread across the world. The user can also find all the information from various sources at single place and this helps to increase the productivity even if the resources are reduced.


Global Systems Services offers completely business oriented SharePoint development services so that organization can safely collaborate and share the data with all its authorized users. The SharePoint developers at Global Systems Services adopt Moss development strategy to empower their business clients to sharply curtail their business information processing costs and raise their ROI.